Jordan Young
Jordan Young
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Jordan Young is a professional radio promoter at Tinderbox Music, specializing in Hip Hop music. He’s promoted albums by artists such as Nappy Roots, Sadistik, Mega Ran, Jonathan Emile, Raz Simone, and Psalm One, and has had multiple #1 Hip Hop albums on both the CMJ and Earshot national radio charts. He has held many positions in the radio industry, both professionally and non-professionally including On-Air Talent, Music Director, Hip-Hop Director, Producer, Board Operator, and Event Staff.

4 Major Reasons You Want Your Music To Be On The Radio

It’s not an uncommon conception that radio is a medium in decline, and holds little relevance in the music industry today. I’m going to make some points to why that’s not accurate (contrary to this belief), and why radio still…