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The Importance of Instrumental Mixes

Instrumental mixes are an important asset that can open up new opportunities to earn additional…

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symphonic fam
What Song Inspired You To Start Making Music?

Here at Symphonic, we’re just as passionate about music as our clients are. Our team…

Submit Your Music to our Symphonic x Twitch Playlist on Spotify

We love Twitch. We also love music. We love watching our favorite gamers and musicians…

Live Q&A With Jason Jordan: A&R in Today’s Digital Age

We’re stoked to announce our next live Q&A streaming directly from our Facebook page with…

Spotify Live QA
Spotify Ad Studio Live Q&A

Want to learn more about Spotify Ad Studio? Look no further. Here’s your chance to directly…

summer mix
Listen to Symphonic’s Summer Party Mix on Spotify!

We know the energy this summer isn’t quite the same as we’re all used to,…