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How to Claim Your Apple Music Profile

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  1. Avatar NEILP says:

    How long is it typically taking for Apple Music to approve an artist’s profile? I submitted to them on July 29 and got his email “We received your request to be a part of Apple Music Connect. You’ll be contacted soon about getting access to the following account(s).” I’ve heard nothing since. Should I panic or be patient?

    1. Avatar Janette Berrios Velazquez says:

      Hi there!
      I think you should be patient for a bit more…
      As you can imagine they are very backed up!
      Once you reach the 1 month mark, reach out to us directly and we can do a follow up.

      chat soon!

      1. Avatar NEILP says:

        Janette. Maybe you’ve already worked some magic. Our Apple Music profile verification email arrived at the same time as yours. I’ve visited our profile page and will now take the time to figure how to edit it to add our “adornments”. My hope is that it will encourage people to add our song to their playlist. More importantly, I hope it will give me a link I can put on our band website, to encourage people to play our song at Apple Music. I’ve managed to do so for Spotify, [see our site http://www.thefolktodayproject.com]. Thanks again.