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8 Things Every Musician’s Website Must Have

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  1. Icky Elbonia says:

    Here are 8 things to put on your website if you want to create distractions that don’t sell music.

    Nothing about a way for people to subscribe to your email list mentioned – that should be NUMBER 1

    If you’re taking the time to drive people to your website then the number one thing you want to have on your website is a way for them to subscribe to your email list. Period. Everything else is a distraction. Unless you are already filling 1000 cap venues on your own, then your site needs to focus on adding fans to your funnel. And less is more on your site in that case. Once they are on your email list then you can feed them “hidden pages” or posts that satisfy curiosity. Too many things like merch stores (really? an indie selling merch on line? save it for gigs) creates distractions that takes them away from buying music.

    All this stuff about promoters looking at your website…promoters are look at your facebook numbers and an EPK.

    You want a page for promoters? then get a second domain, point it to a hidden page that gives the promoter what they want to see.