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The Gate: History, How To Use, and the Top 9 Fan Gates

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  1. This was a dope article Patrick. Thanks for covering all of the different Gates that can be used, and even highlighting there strengths. I actually like Artists Union, that I just checked out. Ill give them a try.

    I used Hypeddit before, and like their platform as well as ToneDen, but trying both platforms for months with extensive work, i found they didn’t work a much as Id like them to. Do you think it would be best to use multiple fan gates since each one has different communities, or would that just be waisting my time?

    Thans again for this post,

  2. Paul Loeb says:

    This is a good list of download gates. I’ll also recommend DropTrack, as it lets you exchange a free download for an email address – with data you own and control (and can export at any time). https://www.droptrack.com