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Best Electronic Music Blogs of 2017

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  1. Avatar One Edm says:

    Great article, I hope for One EDM to be apart of next years post!

  2. Avatar Maya Stone says:

    I want to know what the best smaller UNDERGROUND music blogs are. The bigger players just don’t need any more promo. Support the little fish! And none of these people will touch a small indie label like DeepDownDirty. Where do I go to find out about blogs who write about electronic music people and labels at entry level?

    1. Avatar Tidal Network says:

      We do! We aren’t a blog blog, we are an EDM email newsletter and Soundcloud network, about 14,000 subscribers and 200k followers respectively. We provide some feedback on every demo we get, and have been having trouble finding what we want, we only get 20 submissions a day at the moment, would like some more. You can submit music here: http://tidalnetwork.org/submit

  3. Avatar Sam Hammonds says:

    Big fan of the electro music scene and really think it doesn’t get given enough credit!


  4. Avatar Abhimanyu Singh saroha says:


    this is my track

    suggestions are welcome

  5. Avatar Tidal Network says:

    Don’t forget to submit your music to our email newsletter (14,000 subscribers) and Soundcloud network (200k+ followers). We are always looking for fresh EDM and provide some feedback on every submission! We accept demos at http://tidalnetwork.org/submit