Andrew Farone
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Starting at a young age, Andrew’s passion for creativity has propelled him through a 20-year career in marketing and design. His wide-ranging skill set keeps him busy; whether he’s wrapped up in a web development project or building a social media campaign from the ground up, Andrew (or Faraone as we call him) is always looking forward to the next challenge.

The Artist Checklist to Advertising on Spotify

You’re probably familiar with Spotify as the top music streaming service in the game, but did you know that Spotify is also becoming the top advertising platform for musicians? With over 286 million monthly active users and growing every year, that’s…

Music Industry Topics To Learn About During the Coronavirus Downtime

Society has taken an interesting turn lately and the music industry has taken quite the left hook. We’re here to provide you with some topics to help you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in the digital…

YouTube Release Checklist

When creating a new release you’re extremely excited about, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and forget some major steps along the way. To keep you on track and help you produce the best results, we’ve created…