Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo
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Carlos Castillo is a musicpreneur, web designer, live performance recordist, international road-tripper, lap steel player, and Captain of the Schwilly Family Musicians. Find him at SchwillyFamilyMusicians.Com, tweet him at @CaptainSchwilly, or email him at Carlos@SchwillyFamilyMusicians.Com.

The Music Industry’s Great Lie

Let’s talk about the “Music Industry” for a moment. What IS that? According to one un-subscriber who told to me: “You don’t know S@!T  about the Music Industry”, I’m not qualified to answer that question. And the truth is… I…

Ancient Toltec Wisdom For the Modern Day Musician

Musicians can be the targets of a LOT of harsh words. It sucks when coming from strangers. But it cuts EXTRA deep when they come from “supposed” friends.Does any of this sound familiar to you? “Are you enjoying your hobby?”…

Merchandise Makes the Difference

As the band was packing up, I brushed by and could hear the owner spouting his contorted excuses about why he couldn’t pay the guarantee. I’ve heard it all before and I’ve felt that crushing feeling of not knowing how…