CK Goldiing
CK Goldiing
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CK Goldiing is a digital TV presenter & published portrait photographer, working extensively with emerging UK musicians. A former radio DJ and magazine writer, he has interviewed some of the world’s most successful artists, including Travie McCoy, Keri Hilson and Sam Smith..

Three Simple Tricks to Getting More Responses to Your Emails

The last time you emailed a music industry influencer, chances are you thought one of the following: “Will they reply?” “Will they read it?” “Will they be interested?” As time passed, without a reply, you agonised further, “Did they receive…

Approaching Radio and Magazines

Long before I started photographing musicians, I was a radio DJ and music magazine writer. Regularly receiving CDs and emails from ambitious, unsigned artists, here are the Top 3 reasons some were more successful than others in getting a reply…