Evan Zwisler
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Evan Zwisler is a musician in New York City. He plays with his band The Values, and does music production and show booking on the side. He has found great success in New York and looks to share his expertise with his readers.

Creative Ways to Engage with your Fanbase

There are so many ways to engage with your fans that your message can often be lost amongst all the other bands trying to say something. Social media can also lull you into a familiar rhythm where you’re posting often,…

How to Prep for Your Summer Tour

So you have your big summer tour all booked, your route is planned, and you and your band are itching to get on the road. While everything seems exciting and shiny now, after a couple weeks of being crammed in…

How To Add Value To Your Email List

Social media algorithms can be annoying. They change daily (so it seems) and make it so your fans don’t have the chance to see all of your posts. That’s why people say email lists are the future. As of right…