Hayli Zuccola
Hayli Zuccola
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Grooveshark Permanently Shuts Down

UPDATE (05/06/2015): The clone, at grooveshark.io, first surfaced Tuesday afternoon.  A group of ex-employees are claiming responsibility, and promising a completely-restored version this week… It’s official, the music streaming company Grooveshark has shut down. Grooveshark, which started in 2006 in Gainesville,…

Quentin Hiatus – “Chocolate Cosmos”

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s smooth, rich and let’s face it, it is delicious. So the latest EP (not the newest chocolate bar) titled Chocolate Cosmos by Quentin Hiatus is everything you’d expect – the perfect thing to feed your…

XVIIIEMEPENINSULE – ‘Incipit’ Compilation

French label XVIIIEMEPENINSULE has gathered six different artists together for the Incipit compilation album. The album ensues with indie rock band L’Age D’Or’s single “ZADAR (Break The Silence)” Its deep melodies whisper behind hushed, balmy vocals that escape into your…