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3 Types of Royalties Involved In Music Publishing

So you already know there are royalties associated with publishing, but what kind? Which ones do Symphonic’s Publishing Administration collect? How can you know if you’re earning those royalties as an independent artist who writes your own songs? In this post, we’ll break…

The Art of Networking in the Music Industry

Too many of us leave conferences with a hazy memory of faces and a bunch of business cards of people we don’t remember. You swarm the big-name panellists along with thirty other eager hopefuls, confidently approach the hot-shot speakers, but…

How Can I Increase My Chances of Earning Royalties from my PRO?

In our article “What Kinds of Royalties Are Involved in Music Publishing,” we discussed one of the two main types of music publishing royalties: Performance Royalties. As you already know, songwriters collect performance royalties directly from their performing rights organization,…