Vanessa Schiano
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Vanessa is the Manager of Video Distribution for Symphonic Distribution. She is an avid Disney fan with a healthy obsession with cats and speaks fluently in movie quotes.

Comparing Video Distribution Pricing So You Don’t Have To

Here at Symphonic, we place the utmost importance on being as upfront and honest as possible with artists about everything we do, especially when it comes to how our prices compare to the competition. That’s why we’ve decided to share…

Music Video Encoding & Delivery with Indigo Jones

Are you a content owner (provider) with a direct contract with Apple, but don’t have time to encode, package, and deliver your own music video content? If so, you can get an encoding house to do the work for you!…

How to Prepare for Video Distribution

Before you send over anything, you need to make sure your video has certain details in place so we can deliver your music video in a timely manner. To help you out, our video expert has put together some video…