Forming Your Own Artist Development Team – The Music Publisher

Part 3 of our Artist Development Series. The primary objective of this series is to illustrate the importance and functionality of the artist development team. It provides context and reliable information on how to leverage and optimize the benefits of…

Three Different Ways to Earn Royalties From Your Music

Are you getting the most revenue out of your music as possible? Even if you’re collecting general royalties on streams from Spotify, Apple Music and the like, chances are you are still missing out on making more money. But, how?…

Music Industry 360 // Ep.8: How to get Paid on SoundCloud

We’re back with Episode 8 of the Music Industry 360 podcast, and this time we discuss SoundCloud Monetization and Whitelisting. Tune in and share!

What is SoundScan and How to Use It

Have you ever wanted to dive into the sales data from your releases to see how they perform on a weekly basis in retail and non-traditional outlets?That’s where SoundScan steps into the picture. SoundScan is a name that you’ll want…

5 Reasons You Need A Publishing Deal

Did you know that there is more to music than playing live shows and selling? Royalty collection is a complex business, but as an independent artist, knowing your rights and what kinds of royalties you may be earning is crucial…

Publishing Contracts for Music Producers

We love sharing knowledge with the music community around us. Publishing contracts don’t have to be something you struggle with understanding. Download our FREE Music Publishing Guides. Here’s everything you need to know about publishing contracts for music producers! There are about…

Music Industry 360 // Ep.6: What are Neighboring Rights?

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Paid in the Music Industry

The music industry relies on royalties as a form of payment from licensed copyrighted songs and recordings. However, recording artists earn their royalties on the sale of their music while songwriters earn them mainly on public performances. Licensing and their…