Sync Licensing

4 Steps To Licensing Your Next Single

For so many artists, licensing is seen as the holy grail of placements. Oftentimes paid and accompanied by a huge increase in exposure, your song landing in the right TV show, movie, or commercial can mean major transformation for your…

Music Industry Biz 101: Managing Your Music’s Licensing Rights

On this episode of  Music Biz 101, we’re talking all about the world of music licensing! Learn all about sync licensing and how to manage your music’s licensing rights by pressing play below.    

Licensing Placement: Altered Carbon

We are excited to announce that the track “Orgasm (Martin Hellfritzsch Remix)” by Denis Filipovic with Happy Hour Records will be featured on Netflix’s Altered Carbon! It adds to the growing list of clients we’ve been able to secure licenses for.…

Music Industry Biz 101: What Makes Music Licensable

On this episode of Music Biz 101, we discuss what exactly makes music licensable. You might hear that some songs are more “licensable,” or “licensing-friendly”, than others. Some songs fit seamlessly into films and commercials and even though they may not be…

What is SoundScan and How to Use It

Have you ever wanted to dive into the sales data from your releases to see how they perform on a weekly basis in retail and non-traditional outlets?That’s where SoundScan steps into the picture. SoundScan is a name that you’ll want…

Music Industry 360 // Ep.6: What are Neighboring Rights?

We’re back with Episode 6 of the Music Industry 360 podcast, this time we’re talking all about money in the form of neighboring rights royalties. Tune in and share!  

Music Industry 360 // Ep. 5: Let’s Talk Royalties

On Episode 5 of the Music Industry 360 podcast, we’re sharing every detail that you need to know about music royalties from standard payouts for downloads and streams to when service providers pay artists. Tune in and share!  

Three Services Finding Money From Royalties In New Places

The amount of music both created and consumed outside the traditional paths of royalty collection is astounding. For instance, while digital music services like Apple Music and Spotify have around 30 million licensed “official” tracks in their libraries, the number…

Forgotten Revenue Streams for Musicians & Record Labels

Being a musician in today’s music industry not only requires musical talent, but also a quick-thinking and creative mindset. There are many ways that musicians can earn money from their compositions, sound recordings, live performances, and overall brand. To focus…