Music Industry 360 // Ep. 5: Let’s Talk Royalties

On Episode 5 of the Music Industry 360 podcast, we’re sharing every detail that you need to know about music royalties from standard payouts for downloads and streams to when service providers pay artists. Tune in and share!  

Music Industry 360 // Ep. 2: Feature Placements and DSPs

On this episode of Music Industry 360, Symphonic’s Director of Marketing, Janette Berrios, and Product Development Coordinator, Astra Dunbar, are chatting about feature placements and DSPs. We dived into what exactly are stores looking for when featuring music, tools that…

Introducing Symphonic’s Official Podcast: Music Industry 360

Symphonic’s official podcast is here, Music Industry 360! What is Music Industry 360? It is a music industry podcast that aims to educate new and existing musicians about tools in the industry, while sharing knowledge to help artists take their…